Susan’s consulting engagement range from workshops, to leadership retreats, to long-term training initiatives and in-depth consulting projects. Whatever the format, her goal is to help your company leverage your strengths to create and evolve a sustainable, employee-first culture that yield a sustainable competitive advantage and optimal outcomes.


"As the leader of a large and complex division at NYU, I was looking for someone to help me launch an initiative to improve our service to students and their families.  Susan was able to quickly establish a relationship with my team by speaking to the qualities of service and relationships that made sense to everyone.  She helped them empathize with the experience of our students and established easy to use terms and strategies that we now use every day.  Not only have we seen our service improve, staff have enjoyed sharing a common language to describe the way they approach their service to our customers!"

MJ Knoll-Finn, VP Enrollment Management,  NYU





Susan’s leadership development programs focus on the role of leaders in crafting organizational culture and promotive effective teamwork. Too often, leaders don’t really understand what culture is, or what it means to put values into action, or how they, personally, impact the culture. Susan’s programs build an in-depth understanding of how culture functions in companies, and then arms your leaders with the skills they need to create nurturing work environments while still maintaining high levels of accountability. These highly interactive workshops are customized based on your specific goals, group size, and how much time your team has to work together.

Susan focuses on leadership development in three key areas:

  • How do great leaders inspire employees to deliver outstanding customer service? What does it mean to integrate hospitality into every customer interaction?
  • How can leaders create a caring culture while holding teams accountable to high standards of excellence?
  • How can leaders leverage a strong organizational culture to ensure consistency and authenticity in the customer experience?

While we recommend small group learning for intensive workshops and skill-building, seminars on leadership can be designed for various group sizes and time frames.



Susan’s CX workshops draw on her nearly two decades of experience with Union Square Hospitality Group (USHG) and include best practices that have been time-tested across 21 different industries. The goal of these workshops is to help your team create a differentiated customer experience by understanding the core components of great customer experiences. Susan then shares key strategies your team can immediately put into action to more consistently and effectively be proactive, thoughtful, and attentive to customers and build raving fans of your brand. The specific content will be tailored to the time, group size, and particular challenges your organization faces. These highly interactive programs use real-life scenarios to encourage problem-solving and build confidence in your team to take on customer service challenges with grace and finesse.

Examples of team workshops include:

  • Hospitality As A Team Sport: How can we nurture the right behaviors on our team to foster collaboration toward creating authentic, caring customer experiences?
  • The Ideal “Guest” Experience: How can we create ‘one-size-fits-one’ experiences that differentiate our brand, bond customers to our organization, and foster long-term customer relationships?

Small groups are most effective for topics requiring skill-building. That said, these bespoke workshops and seminars can be designed for any size audience and any time frame.



Each year, Susan takes on a select few clients who wish to dive deeper into understanding what organizational strengths they can leverage, and what obstacles are getting in the way of creating an effective and authentic culture. Beginning with a discovery phase, Susan analyzes various stakeholder touch points to understand the dynamics of your organization and the role that leadership plays in operations. She then works with executives to fine-tune the processes that drive success and to deal with the obstacles that inevitably get in the way of success. Her custom solutions may include services such as executive coaching, leadership development, and team building seminars to align your team around creating a remarkable work environment where

employees will thrive, and the best organizational outcomes will flourish.Because these engagements are so in-depth and demanding, Susan takes on only a few consulting clients each year. For more information on her process and availability, please reach out to her directly to discuss your organization’s needs.

These months-long engagements typically involve three phases:

  • Discovery and Needs Assessment (DNA): A comprehensive exploration and analysis of various stakeholder touchpoints to assess the customer experience, and to understand employees’ perceptions of the organizational culture 
  • Executive Alignment: An executive level workshop to build commitment and buy-in from key leaders who have the power and authority to drive change in the organization and align around a vision of.
  • Customized Solutions: This final phase offers tailored services focusing on leadership development, customer experience enhancements, and organizational integration to affect change in the employee and customer experiences. 

Susan takes on a few long-term consulting clients each year. For more information on her in-depth process and availability, please reach out to her directly to discuss your organization’s needs.