Invite Susan Salgado to deliver a powerful, inspiring, and actionable keynote speech for your next event. 

Some keynote speakers have strong stage skills but lack real world experience.  Some talk a good game, but lack a rigorous academic pedigree.   Some merely recite their lines, mailing in a ‘canned’ talk.  Not Susan.  

Susan Salgado artfully blends senior executive experience with academic excellence; inspiring performance skills with actionable takeaways that drive meaningful results.  Each keynote is custom-crafted to meet your specific needs and objectives, and delivered with unparalleled passion and conviction. Through phone calls and/or meetings, Susan will get to know your organization to understand where her message can have the most organization to understand where her message can have the most impact for your audience, then craft a bespoke presentation to deliver optimal


results.If you want your event to come to life with an energizing, impactful, and highly professional speaker – someone who blends street cred with academic credentials – someone who balances warmth and humor with powerful lessons and practical takeaways – there is one clear choice:  The inspiring Susan Salgado


HAPPY EMPLOYEES = HAPPY CUSTOMERS: How crafting optimal conditions yields breakaway growth and performance [READ MORE]

For teams to deliver remarkable customer experiences that are in line with your brand promise, leaders must create a work environment where employees will thrive. Such leadership requires not only good systems and structure to support daily operations, but that leaders themselves set the tone for positive team interactions, mutual care and respect, and accountability.

LEADING FROM WITHIN: The new, counter-intuitive model to deliver consistent performance though maximizing employee engagement [READ MORE]

The role of leaders is critical in developing, sustaining, and evolving a company culture that will drive performance. In this talk, Susan will help us understand the role we leaders must play in creating a positive and uplifting work environment where employees will thrive, thereby bringing out the best in each individual, and enabling us to create remarkable customer experiences.

LESSONS FROM UNION SQUARE HOSPITALITY GROUP: The surprising truths to crafting corporate cultures that win against all odds [READ MORE]

How did celebrity restaurateur Danny Meyer create an organization that is so well known for consistently caring customer experiences? In this keynote, Susan Salgado shares lessons learned from the hospitality industry that apply in organizations across industries – from “Finding a Yes” to “Being on the Customer’s Side” to “The Table you Least want to Visit Right Now is the Table You Most Need to Visit Right Now”.


"I spoke to Susan before the presentation (without knowing I was speaking to the speaker of the day) - she looked at my name tag and began talking about my business. She had reviewed our website and clearly remembered many things about it. Whoa - I was impressed, jeez talk about researching your audience, damn!”

Dan O'Donnell, Owner / Creative Director, Direct Axis





Susan’s been there and knows the pain points of growing organizations who want to keep their soul while they scale.



With a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from NYU’s Stern School of Business, Susan brings two decades of research and application to every event.



No canned speeches here. Susan has never done the same talk twice. Every event is uniquely tailored to the specific goals and challenges of her audience.



From the first call to the thunderous applause of your audience, Susan is the epitome of professionalism, responsiveness, poise, and grace.


Susan is a storyteller by nature, and her principles come to life through energizing, uplifting, and memorable anecdotes that move audiences to action.



Susan’s keynotes are fun and energizing, but audiences get more than a good time.  They emerge with practical and actionable ideas and insights to drive meaningful performance for years to come.



No candy-coated platitudes here. Be prepared to look inside yourself and test the quality of your own leadership. Do you bring the best version of yourself to work each day? Do you demand that your team do the same?  Just straight talk to drive real performance.


1. PASSION x10

Helping organizations excel through optimized culture and leadership is not her job, it’s Susan’s calling. Making the world a better place, one workplace at a time is how Susan defines her work’s purpose.