Beyond Ping Pong Tables: Creating an Uplifting Culture that Drives Results


People think that leadership drives results when, in reality, leadership creates the culture that drives results.



Over the last decade, many businesses have seen company culture as the “Holy Grail” for attracting and retaining the best employees. Yet, the idea of building a “great company culture” has become falsely tied to amenities—like ping pong tables, unlimited vacation and nap rooms—rather than the core elements of what culture really is, like values and beliefs. This talk is for corporate leaders who are ready to embrace an inspiring, fulfilling workplace that brings out the best in employees. By reflecting on her discoveries as an academic, an advisor, and an executive, keynote speaker Susan Salgado will teach leaders how to view workplace culture as a tangible tool that can (and should) be actively managed to achieve consistent and excellent results.

If your team thinks of culture only in terms of amenities, this keynote speaker’s talk will help your leaders gain a concrete understanding of what culture really is and how they can impact it.

Moreover, if the culture of your company doesn’t match the benefits you offer—meaning that no one feels comfortable using the nap rooms or taking advantage of the parental leave policy—chances are that the values and behaviors in your organization are not aligning, and are creating obstacles to achieving the kind of workplace you desire.

In this keynote, Susan will ask leaders to question whether their own behavior aligns with what they ask of employees (spoiler: it usually doesn’t) and whether employees understand the values of the organization (they usually don’t). Through easy-to-understand analogies and parallels between the culture we experience at work vs. that of our families at home, your corporate leaders will leave with the tools they need to create a positive and enduring impact on your culture.


Only 12% of executives believe their companies are driving the ‘right culture’



Key takeaways from this keynote may include:

  • Why company culture is critical in creating a sustainable competitive advantage

  • The blueprint of an effective culture and its similarities to our dynamics at home

  • How to create and sustain a corporate environment that drives long-term results for your workplace

  • Why it’s important that leaders visualize and define a culture for their employees — and what happens if they don’t

  • Why corporate policies must protect your best employees in order to support your company’s goals

Best-fit audiences:

This talk is appropriate for corporate audiences focused on developing, evolving, and growing culture over time and across geography. The keynote speaker’s content can be tailored and applied to leadership at all levels, from new leaders learning their roles in your organization, to seasoned executives seeking to refresh, improve, or enhance an existing culture.

Whether you are in the early phases of articulating your corporate values or seeking to reconnect or evolve the culture of your founding, Susan’s keynote will help leaders at all levels to understand what culture is, how to impact it within their own span of control, and how they can leverage culture to drive results.


For more information on this talk, please email or call Susan directly at (917) 747-2634.