your competitive advantage lies in your people.


Focusing on company culture is the key to success.



Susan Salgado is a recognized keynote speaker with a commanding stage presence whose keynotes resonate with business leaders across all industries. Whether sharing secrets for creating great customer experiences, or helping leaders create a culture focused on both excellence and caring, Susan speaks with passion and shares real stories and anecdotes that keep audiences engaged.

Susan has never given the same talk twice. Every audience is different, and every meeting has a different focus. Prior to her engagements, Susan speaks with key stakeholders to develop an understanding of the audience’s needs and the goals of the event, then develops a bespoke presentation that addresses the specific concerns of the organization.

With a unique combination of academic pedigree and real-world experience, Susan’s keynotes are rooted in her proprietary model of leadership and organizational culture. Her speeches distill both complex concepts and business buzzwords—such as employee engagement, corporate culture, and accountability—into tangible concepts that are easily understandable and highly actionable.


Some of Susan’s featured keynote topics include:



Redefining Leadership in the Context of Culture


Leadership alone doesn’t drive results—it’s the combination of leadership and culture that leads to exceptional outcomes. So whatever you seek to achieve, the leaders in your organization must be equipped with the skills and mindset to create a caring and accountable workplace where employees will be engaged and want to win. This talk focuses on the impact of leadership on culture, and leaves audiences with tools they can use to create caring yet driven teams.



Beyond Ping Pong Tables: Creating an Uplifting Culture that Drives Results


Every company has a culture, whether or not you have consciously designed that culture. The question is: Do your leaders understand your culture, and can they leverage your culture to achieve their goals? This talk focuses on creating a culture that yields a sustainable competitive advantage by aligning your values with the way your company operates, and the way your teams behave, to achieve outstanding results.


Hiring & Retention

Hire Hard, Manage Easy: balancing competence and cultural fit


Across industries and in businesses of all shapes and sizes, leaders are facing the same challenge: How do we hire the right people for our company? How do we know they will perform? How do we go beyond the candidates’ “canned” answers to really understand if there’s a cultural fit? And, once we get that fit, how do we make the right employees want to stay? This talk will leave your audience with the tools to create a blueprint for recruiting and retaining the best employees for your business.


Customer Experience

Happy employees, happy customers


It’s common sense: Take care of your staff, and your staff will take care of your customers. But many companies fail to recognize the impact of employee morale on the customer experience. That’s why this talk focuses on creating winning teams who deliver memorable, thoughtful customer experiences by first fostering a caring work environment where employees feel truly valued and appreciated.



Happily Engaged: Strategies for Creating a Trusting, Driven Workplace


The majority of America’s workforce is actively disengaged. The antidote to this problem isn’t as complicated as you might think. The key to creating a workplace where employees go above and beyond begins with leaders who care. This keynote focuses on simple strategies for recognizing and addressing employee apathy on your team, to help convert passionless employees into ambassadors of your brand.



Hospitality At Work: Creating Inimitable Advantages through Emotional Connections


What is hospitality? While most people think first of the hospitality industry—hotels, restaurants, and travel. But this talk focuses on an old-fashioned notion of hospitality that drives a competitive advantage in any business: caring for others. We all know that the best memories are rooted in feelings, and in this talk, you’ll learn how to create memories that last a lifetime—through your employees.