culture is defined by the behavior we accept.


Strategies as unique as your business.



Susan is passionate about helping organizations put culture to work within their companies. Beyond keynote speaking, she has a number of customizable offerings to help teams and companies in their pursuit of thriving workplaces and remarkable customer experiences. Please contact Susan directly for any of the following advisory services.


Susan works with teams in the following capacities:




Speak the same language—teamwork

Drawing on decades of experience, Susan custom-crafts seminars to share concepts and best practices that improve trust and achieve goals. It takes a great team to deliver a remarkable customer experience, and Susan’s no-nonsense and time-tested approach will help your team develop the skills needed to win.

Team workshops are appropriate for employees at all levels. The sessions are conducted in groups of 15-50 people in customizable increments of 2-6 hours. Each program is tailored to your team’s specific needs and challenges.




Look at your organization differently

Susan’s development programs teach the fine balance between care and compassion with excellence and high standards. By breaking down her methodology for improving culture, Susan poises leadership teams to better communicate company standards, encourage productivity, and directly impact happiness.

Whether you're seeking to differentiate your brand through customer experience, foster better client relationships, improve financial results, or encourage creativity and innovation in your culture, Susan will develop a workshop that helps leaders understand how to leverage their culture to achieve outstanding results.

Leadership development workshops are tailored to the specific level of leadership and can take various forms: from long-term, large-scale engagements to one-time engagements for team off-sites, retreats, and professional development opportunities.




drive change from the inside-out

For clients looking for a more in-depth leadership and culture initiative, Susan partners with a few select organizations on a long-term basis. Training programs are rarely sufficient to drive change if your organizational culture and structure cannot support your desired end-goal. For that reason, Susan designs consulting engagements to address the structural, cultural, and operational challenges that could otherwise be obstacles in achieving your goals.

Beginning with a discovery phase, Susan works with key stakeholders to understand organizational dynamics and leadership influence on operations. Following the initial analysis, Susan collaborates with executives to fine-tune the leadership structure and organizational design, advise leaders on operational impediments, and develop leadership programs to provide managers with the skills they need to drive results. Her bespoke solutions will aid your already-great team in combating the challenges that would prevent your company from moving to the next level.


Susan was able to quickly establish a relationship with my team by speaking to the qualities of service and relationships that made sense to everyone. She helped them empathize with the experience of our students and established easy to use terms and strategies that we now use every day. Not only have we seen our service improve, staff have enjoyed sharing a common language to describe the way they approach their service to our customers!