How you treat your employees affects how your employees treat your customers.


If we take that idea one step further, the way you treat your employees impacts how employees treat each and every stakeholder of your business, which is a key drive of your success. That’s where the notion of hospitality comes in to keynote speaker Susan Salgado’s engagements.

Hospitality implicitly means that everyone—friends, family, and strangers alike—are welcomed and feel a true sense of belonging. When we apply this idea in business, the result, is an inclusive model of business that emphasizes building relationships as a means to thrive.

If you want your employees at every level to engage in the success of your business, your leaders must do more than manage daily operations. Instead, leaders must create a culture of caring, where everyone takes care of everyone. It is only then that employees will be inspired to deliver excellence and empathy to your customers, each other, and every other stakeholder of your business.

Borrowing from years of experience in Danny Meyer’s NYC-based organization, keynote speaker Susan Salgado will share concrete examples of how the hospitality shown to employees creates an environment that motivates employees to give their best back to the company.

Your stakeholders expect your business to deliver quality products and services. It’s thoughtful, caring hospitality that will distinguish your company from the competition. By focusing on creating a culture of hospitality at work, your earned brand loyalty will lead to increased market share, repeat business, valuable vendor relationships, increased profitability, and a team of happy employees who will be loyal apostles of your brand.


It takes business 12 positive experiences to compensate for 1 negative experience.

SOURCE: Survicate


Best-fit audiences:

Keynote speaker Susan Salgado’s core philosophy in business is that companies will achieve their best results when employees feel appreciated by employers. This talk is best suited to executives and senior leaders of customer-focused companies of all sizes, and across all industries, who are willing to look inside their companies to understand how to best relate outside of their companies. Susan’s philosophies, stories, and examples as a keynote speaker will be adjusted to suit your business’s goals of delivering exceptional customer experience.

From your customers, to your vendors, to your investors, to your community at large, employees must be ambassadors of your brand. It’s up to you, the leader, to extend the same sense of care—or hospitality—to your team that you hope is shared with each of your stakeholders.

Key takeaways from this keynote speech may include:

  • The true meaning of hospitality in the context of work

  • Techniques to make your employees and customers feel safe, valued, and appreciated

  • The effect that hospitality at home has on staff’s understanding of hospitality at work

  • Methods for interweaving hospitality throughout your workplace culture in a way that drives results


For more information on this talk, please email or call Susan directly at (917) 747-2634.