Redefining Leadership in the Context of Culture


You know your title. But do you know the role you play as leader?



Keynote speaker Susan Salgado has guided company leaders during pivotal moments of growth and reinvention, and one thing has become abundantly clear: Many leaders are consumed in the day-to-day of managing their team’s work, when leaders need to lead their people. In this talk, Susan’s approach as a keynote speaker is to define leadership relative to the impact leaders have on an organization’s culture and the behaviors and traits that are most effective in inspiring positive team outcomes. Simply put, by being your best, you will get the best out of your employees.

In helping leaders understand the impact they have on the culture of their organizations, Susan provides tools they can use to influence the quality of every work environment. Her practical advice provides keynote takeaways on accountability, communication, self-awareness, and the mindset of leadership to give audiences concrete tools they can easily implement to change behavior and drive collaboration on their teams.


77% of organizations overall are currently experiencing a leadership gap.



Key takeaways from this keynote speech may include:

  • The formula for fostering happy, inspired employees who bring their best to the job

  • Tactics for bringing empathy to every interaction with your workers straight from a keynote speaker, from saying hello in the morning to understanding people as individuals

  • Leadership strategies for creating teams that care—and teams that win—by creating a sense of purpose while challenging employees in a supportive way

  • The three roles every effective leader plays — consciously or unconsciously — with concrete examples that can be put into action immediately

  • Techniques to adapt your leadership style to your team—not the other way around

Best-fit audiences:

With a focus on balancing technical knowledge with emotional intelligence, attendees will come to understand the key leadership strategies that lead to supportive environments where employees thrive.

This talk is appropriate for leaders at all levels and will be tailored to the specific experience level of the audience. From new leaders who are building their skills, to seasoned executives wanting to continually grow and inspire, keynote speaker Susan will design a program that hits home for your audience.

Susan took the mission of addressing a large leader-only audience very seriously by preparing at great length with our team — and it sure showed up in both her powerful, customized presentation and the positive, participant survey that followed. I highly recommend Susan for any organization looking to accelerate culture, people, and the customer experience.

— Aaron Mimran
VP, Customer Experience and Project Management, Comcast - Keystone Region


For more information on this talk, please email or call Susan directly at (917) 747-2634.