Happily Engaged: Strategies for Creating a Trusting, Driven Workplace


Care about your employees, and they’ll care about your business.


When leaders envision the perfect workplace, they usually imagine an inspiring place brimming with productive workers. While achieving this vision of engagement might seem daunting, this keynote speaker’s strategy is simple: Show your staff your value and appreciate them to create an engaged workplace.

In this insightful talk, keynote speaker Susan Salgado focuses on the relationships between supervisors and staff for active employee engagement. Susan will redefine what employee engagement looks like with concrete examples and straight-forward strategies that make aspirations a reality.

By making employees feel understood, valued, and appreciated, leaders can reverse a trend of apathy and instead foster productive, creative, and collaborative workplaces. Keynote speaker Susan will teach you how to build a trusting foundation of engagement between supervisors and subordinates for optimal happiness and results.


70% of employees are actively disengaged.


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Key takeaways from this keynote speech may include:

  • This keynote speaker’s tried-and-true remedies for recognizing and fixing employee apathy on your team for engagement

  • Methods for engaging your team in an authentic and compelling way

  • The role of leaders in developing a workplace culture focused on engagement

  • Simple strategies for engagement from the keynote speaker to make team members feel seen, heard, and motivated

Best-fit audiences:

This keynote speaker’s talk about engagement is suited to leaders at all levels in any type of organization who want to improve morale and create a winning team. The focus of the talk can be more strategic or tactical, depending on the skill-level and needs of the audience.


For more information on this talk, please email or call Susan directly at (917) 747-2634.