Hire Hard, Manage Easy: Balancing competence and cultural fit


Hiring the right people is hard. Hiring the wrong people? Devastating.


If interviewing is dating, then hiring is getting married. While you can get a divorce if things don’t work out, keynote speaker Susan Salgado knows that there’s a tremendous amount of heartache and expense that comes with making the wrong choice.

In many companies, hiring decisions are left to parties who source candidates based on capabilities, and assign new hires to managers. In Susan’s experience, the only time hiring is truly effective for retention is when hiring is conducted by the leaders and, by default, the teams who will work with the job candidate. When those teams invest time and resources into really getting to know applicants’s skills and personalities, they not only make better hires, but they build stronger teams.

In this keynote, Susan explores the critical moments of hiring a new team member—from the first interview to their first anniversary three-month mark. You’ll learn how to maximize interviews and build a foundation of trust to ensure retention before an offer is even made. As a keynote speaker, she debunks common myths about resumes (experience isn’t everything) and interviews (it’s not about what questions you ask) so you make the right decisions. This pragmatic yet thoughtful keynote will leave you with a practical blueprint to recruit and retain the best staff for your business.


Organizations that invest in a strong candidate experience improve the quality of their new hires by 70%.



Key takeaways from this keynote speech may include:

  • Strategies for finding technically proficient team members who align with your company’s culture to improve retention

  • Techniques for asking—and pursuing—interview questions that teach you more about a candidate than a cover letter ever will

  • Tactics for creating an environment where great employees thrive, and not-so-great employees leave, so you find the best long-term fits for your culture

  • How investing in your hiring practices will pay off in the long run, with improved retention and higher levels of engagement

Best-fit audiences:

This keynote speaker’s talk is critical for anyone who touches or defines the hiring, onboarding, and retention processes in your organization. Susan will tailor the appropriate skill sets and strategies to your specific organization’s retention goals.

This talk is also for anyone with a business that’s growing, becoming increasingly more remote, or experiencing geographical dispersion in your locations that might affect retention. By making the right hires, you’ll attract people who will make—not break—your organization for long-term retention.


For more information on this talk, please email or call Susan directly at (917) 747-2634.