Happy employees, happy customers


Customer service works from the inside out. And it starts with leadership.


Over the last two decades, keynote speaker Susan Salgado has learned a key lesson about customer experience that applies in every industry: Treat your employees well, and they will do the same for your customers. Drawing on her executive experience in working with Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group in NYC, along with 10 years of consulting across more than 20 different industries, Susan’s keynote on customer experience delivers best practices and impactful language to help leaders develop and inspire their teams to create remarkable customer experiences.

Susan’s approach to customer experience is rooted in the employee experience. In today’s economy, a great product is just not enough. Customers know when teams are high-functioning and when employees are enjoying their work. Customers can also feel stress and tension among teams—which affects how they feel about your business. Therefore, creating a thriving workplace is the first step to creating authentic, memorable experiences for your customers.

All too often, companies prioritize training employees to become more proficient on the product rather than focusing on the customer experience they’re delivering—and how they make others feel. Leaders must embrace a more holistic view of the employee experience, beyond technical training, and understand the impact of morale on customer experience.

That’s why this keynote speech focuses on the relationship between happy, engaged employees and the experiences of your customers. In short, if you want your team to deliver the promise of your brand, you must first create a caring work environment where positive emotion abounds and naturally spills over to all of your stakeholders. A workforce that feels valued and respected, with a sense of meaning in their jobs, will go above and beyond to take care of your customers, thereby building loyal fans of your brand.


55% of consumers recommend a company based primarily on customer service.

SOURCE: Customer Experience Impact Report


Best-fit audiences:

In this talk, leaders will learn from the keynote speaker how to inspire employees to go above and beyond for customers by creating a workplace characterized by trust, caring, and purpose.

This keynote speaker’s talk is appropriate for leaders and sales specialists in B-to-B and B-to-C businesses of all sizes and industries. In particular, it’s meant for businesses that want to differentiate their service by creating an emotional connection to enhance customers’ experiences.

Key takeaways from this keynote speech may include:

  • The formula for creating a workplace environment that inspires staff to give their best to teammates and guests alike

  • The delicate balance between the technical and emotional components of every customer experience

  • The five best practices for creating remarkable customer experiences—and the language that will inspire these behaviors in your staff

  • A three-step strategy from the keynote speaker for overcoming problems and mistakes


For more information on this talk, please email or call Susan directly at (917) 747-2634.